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2005 ̺Ŭ ߽ Ȱϱ ̾۶. ƪ̺Ʈ 2006 EP '' ǥϰ, ұԸ . Ȱϴ ڽ Ѵٴ Ȯ ޾Ҵ.¸ũ ̺ 赵 ׳ ûڸ ѱθ ʰڴٰ Ѵ. ٽ ѱ ƿ 帥 2009 3 1 ٹ [帥] ǥϰ Ȱ ϰ ִ.

Starting out in 2005 at Club Bbang, after releasing EP she had a few small concerts as a female singer/songwriter. Soon afterwards, she left for England and during that time came to find her love for danceable music. She gathered experience in England through live performances and returned to her home country to release her first album in 2009.



߸ſ : 2006

߸ſ : 2009.03.04
Leisure Love
߸ſ : 2011.12.15