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Grand Mint Festival 2009
2009.10.24(sat)~10.25(sun) @ OLYMPIC PARK

Hosted by Mint Paper
Produced by Master Plan, Paraid, Mnet Media
Sponsored by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea Culture & Content Agency, Seoul Metropolis
Tickets Ticketlink / 1588-7890

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Summary for GMF2009 | GMF2009 Features | Stage Plan | Official Tickets
Festival Guy | Theme Song | Character Mascot : 'Minty' | Supervisors

1. Summary for GMF2009
Growing as one of Korea's representative music festivals, GMF2009 has reached its third year. With the help of various organizations and sponsors, it intends to become a landmark for cultural gatherings in Seoul acquiring both authenticity and scale.

Mint Paper, which plans GMF, artist and labels have cooperated with Mint Paper for the last year will be take part in GMF2009. GMF is like a greater summation of Mint Festa which holds every two months and various interviews, performances and media broadcasts. And Mint Paper always has high interests in various culture, lifestyle and music.

Also the slogans started with launching GMF in 2007 'the music festival like a picnic' and 'the placidity of the city's refreshing and refined nature' will be kept up this year along with devotion to many new, unique attempts.

2. GMF2009 Features
A further upgraded GMF will bring you a large range of new issues in entertainment categories to choose from.
- GMF establishes identity :
Artwork indicating life styles for each different stage, set/stage design and differentiated entertainment events will establish GMF's very own character identity.
- The first indoor stage :
In case of rain, the concentrated visual arts theme will be held indoors on a synthetic grass football field covered with a dome type ceiling for maximum purpose.
- Hello rookie :
GMF has teamed up with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as well as Korea Culture & Content Agency to bring you their independent musician finding program, 'Hello Rookie'.
- A more diverse lineup :
Hoping to break the common presumption that music festivals are only for bands, we are preparing a lineup varying largely from solo artists to instrumental artists.
- Maximum capacity :
For a better atmosphere whilst picnicking, there will be a set amount of tickets sold depending on maximum capacity.
Please check '3. stage plan' section below regarding maximum capacity.
- Message :
Many co-operating organizations and groups will be taking part in a program to talk about saving the planet and the meaning of family.
The main theme for this will be "eco".
- Events & Booths :
New events and booths will be ready as well as upgraded popular booths from past years.

Beauty zone : Powder rooms, various brand hair/nail/cosmetics stalls will be available.
Entertainment zone : A brand new concept of DJing and a huge variety of games and entertainment facilities.
Slow life zone : A place to rest in the afternoon while sunbathing.
Artist signing : Signing for fans from participating artists. 50 tickets will be given out before 30 min of each signing.
Grand booking festival
An exciting event for lonely singles.
Food zone & cafe : A broader range of food and drinks.

3. Stage Plan
Mint Breeze Stage : at 88 Green Gardens
A delightful music picnic on grass fields.
A little standing zone in front of the stage and a vast picnic zone behind
Maximum capacity : 5,000~7,000
Club Midnight Sunset : at Olympic Fencing Stadium
Indoor stage, concentrated on the merging of music and visual arts.
Ghost Dancing will be held
Maximum capacity 2,000~3,000
Loving Forest Garden : at Lake 88 Waterside Stage
An acoustic live stage filled with harmonious performance by singer-song writers
Maximum capacity : 1,000~1,500명
Cafe Blossom House : at 88 Green Gardens
Small modest stage performances with outdoor cafes
Will be held between stage change(30 mins) for Mint Breeze Stage

4. Official Tickets
Pre-order : 2 day tickets 88,000 won / 1 day tickets 55,000
Purchase on day : 2 day tickets 95,000 won / 1 day tickets 60,000

* All tickets include tax, copyright tax, ticket commission
* For further details about booking, check separate guidelines provided

5. Festival Guy: 'Kim Jae Wook'
An actor and model, 'Kim Jae Wook' has a degree in post-modern music and used to be in a band. Chosen as GMF 2009's 'festival guy', he will be performing in the band 'Walrus'. He is currently taking part in and promoting GMF2009 through the GMF trailer, poster shoots, interviews and signing.

6. Theme Song
'Prologue of You and Me - naru + deb (GMF2009 Lozik RMX)'
Supporters theme song
'The beautiful things and the watsted things' by Jung Wook Jae about environment
'Let Me Love' by Dalbityojyungyukjunmanruhomerun (marsh ver.)

7. Character Mascot : 'minty'
GMF has its own character mascot, 'Minty', who will be in and around all the festival areas, promoting GMF for visitors and audience.
Minty will also be made into a miniature souvenir.

8. Supervisors